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Intro: In this article you'll learn about the best exercises to flatten stomach, what you need to eat and how to combine the two for rapid weight loss and muscle gain.

Guarilla Tactics To Tackle A Monster - Best Exercises To Flatten Stomach

Stomach exercises are usefull to build abdominal muscles, but have little effect on actually decreasing fat in that area!

In order to flatten your tummy fast you'll have to start doing full body workouts. Because first you have to start losing weight everywhere (full body work out) and than work on definition (stomach flattening exercises).

But, don't you worry!!!

You can still target your stomach while working on other parts of your body with the right exercises. That's because your stomach is the supporting muscle to almost all body parts. You just have to have the right strategy. Not only will you rapidly start burning body fat but you will also get rock hard abs to kill for.

>>Here's An Example Of The Elite Exercises That Target Your Abs While Putting Your Other Muscles To Work<<

Balanced Diet Is As Equally Important As A Bang-Up Work Out Plan - Exercises To Flatten Stomach Fast

Without getting all scientifical on you, you should incorporate as many healthy foods into your diet. Vegies like; brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, etc...

>>Here's A List With Explanations Of Top 55 Rock Hard Body Foods That Will Supercharge Your Weigh Loss And Muscle Gain<<

Before we move on, I would like you to know that if you think that you'll lose stomach fat with;crunches, sit ups and leg rasiers. YOU'RE WRONG!!!

Let me explain:
You need to vary your work out routine as much as possible. This way your body constantly needs to adjust itself to new physical activity. Result, you will start losing weight waaaaay faster than if you would go with the same old routine day in and day out. Not to mention that you'll never get tired of the same work out.

Summary: In order to get a flat stomach you need to start losing weight all over your body, and than work on definition. Varieng exercise routines will accelerate this process. A solid diet plan is like steroids to your work out routine, you won't get far without one. Finally, combine a solid work out routine with an even better diet plan, and you will have those abs in no time.

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Exercises To Flatten Stomach - Proof Crunches And Sit Ups Are Useless

I am sure that the only way you know about working out your abdominal section is by using the traditional exercises to flatten stomach like crunches and sit ups. Yes, crunches and sit ups do target the mid section, BUT NOT as effective as you think. They may sound and appeal as the best way to get slimmer around the waist, but they're not. The truth is that your stomach serves as a supporting muscle to other muscle groups in your body. Therefore, by working out other parts of your body you're still targeting your waist area where crunches and sit ups won't.

Exercises To Flatten Stomach
Exercises To Flatten Stomach
The Shocking Truth About Abs | Sit-Ups and Crunches Do Not Burn Belly Fat

Mark Pfeltz set the Guinness Book of World Records by doing 45,005 sit-ups in just 59 hours.


It took Mark six hours of abdominal training per day for six long moths, to strengthen his abs, and lower back to the point that he could do 1000's of sit-ups without stopping.


And the funny thing is that he didn't even have a six pack. Check out the picture.


You can clearly see in the picture, that even thought Mark can rep up out sit-up after sit-up, he still had rolls of belly fat. Even after 6 months of training his abs 6 hours per day, every single day!

If that’s not proof sit-ups don’t burn belly fat, I really don’t know what is.

Exercises To Flatten Stomach - Stomach Flattening Exercises - Truth About Abs Review

I am going to be brutally honest with you from the beginning. There is no magic pills, revolutionary miracle ab machines, super diets, or a new work out routine that will get you results in a month with just 5-10 minutes a day. That is not going to happen EVER.

You have to understand that in order to get a six pack, a flatter stomach, or at least lose some abdominal weight, you need to start losing weight everywhere. And it's not just about the best exercises to flatten stomach, it's also about the right diet, and knowing how to combine the two for best results. And yes you will have to work for it.

Be honest with yourself for a change. Are you tired of trying to suck in your stomach all the time, do you have trouble bending over, or even clipping your toe nails, are you tired of counting calories every single day, or how about when you've been working on your abs for a while just to find out that your stomach is actually getting bigger.

What are you doing wrong?

Well as I've mentioned earlier, in order to get a flat stomach. You need to combine a good diet plan with an even better exercising plan.

Dieting and Exercising:

Dieting and exercising is almost an endless topic, and I can not sum up these topics into a single web page. Instead I found a program that will teach you how to do both. And it is laid out in a step by step fashion, kind of takes you by the hand and walks you through all the steps. It has everything you need a perfect dieting plan combined with a good work out routine full of great exercises and detailed descriptions (WITH PICTURES) that actually tell you why certain stuff works better than the other. It is designed for men and women of any fitness level of any age. It will cost you, but at least you won't have to search the Internet for hours and hours of basic to almost useless advice/tips.

I did manage to find a video review on youtube about this program so you can have a little more information about it. Check out the video below or click here to go to the web site.

Exercises To Flatten Stomach - Stomach Flattening Exercises - Truth About Abs Review

In order to get the best results focus on a intensive but short full body work out, rather than just on the abdominal section. Here's three stomach flattening exercises that target the mid section while working on other muscle groups.


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